A Purified Water Vending Business Benefits Kids

PublishTime: 2019-05-21 21:08:06

Many of your clients will likely be families with kids who could otherwise be drinking juice beverages of questionable purity. Consumer Reports magazine recently conducted tests that revealed unacceptable levels of arsenic and lead in commercial apple and grape juice brands sold in the United States.

The magazine took 88 samples of two kid-popular juices and discovered that 10% had arsenic levels that exceeded US federal drinking water standards of 10 parts per billion (ppb). The specific type of arsenic detected was inorganic: this is especially bad because inorganic arsenic has been linked to bladder, lung and skin cancer as well as immunodeficiencies. Worse still, 25% of these 88 samples had lead levels that exceeded the Food and Drug administration’s bottle-water limit of 5 ppb.

Television talkshow host Dr. Mehmet Oz has also made similar claims in recent months. He has stated that apple juice brands Juicy Juice and Gerber contained, respectively, 16 ppb and 36 ppb of arsenic. The FDA responded by doing investigations of its own: its study, which included 160 samples, showed that 5% had total arsenic levels that did not exceed the current threshold for safety (23 ppb).

With so much controversy surrounding processed fruit juices—which are also high in refined sugars—parents will be cautious regarding the kinds of beverages their kids have access to. When you invest in a Gemei vending machine, you can feel good about the product you sell. Our multiple filtration system guarantees a level of purity that makes for some of the healthiest, most refreshing water and ice around.

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