Gemei commercial water purification equipment, the pursuit of quality of life

PublishTime: 2019-05-21 20:03:48

As water resources may be contaminated, people are increasingly concerned about the safety of drinking water. Water purification equipment The raw water can be purified to remove impurities in the water and improve the quality of drinking water. Among them, Gemeihui commercial water purification equipment has been greatly welcomed and has been applied to many fields such as business units, schools and hotels. Recently, Gemeihui manufacturers once again hand in hand to enterprises and institutions to send our water purification plan for Huai'an City.


Gemei commercial water purification equipment is different from traditional drinking water equipment. It is not a pure boiling water machine, but a new drinking water equipment with purification function. It has safety performance, anti-dry, anti-leakage, anti-disorder setting, anti-disaster Overflow function. Built-in filtration system, mainly to filter heavy metals, residual chlorine, rust and sediment. The elegant floor-to-ceiling design uses a metal casing as the material, and has an integrated hot water bottle platform. The LED displays time and temperature, and can be set to automatically switch on and off.

With adjustable temperature design, it can provide users with hot water, normal temperature water, warm water in winter, and warm water in summer. Now take the drink, drinking water no longer waiting. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with coconut shell activated carbon filter, the water quality is sweet and delicious, bringing users high-quality drinking water service and drinking experience. Step-type heating technology, does not boil water, unique function, avoid drinking raw water, and ensure health and safety. And the water supply is large, meeting the characteristics and needs of the large number of people and the large amount of water. The appearance should be free from dents and protrusions, the overall color is uniform, beautiful and elegant, in line with the high requirements of enterprises and institutions and modern enterprises, and also provide high-quality professional services such as installation and maintenance.

A good office environment, effective office equipment, is the pursuit of every employee, and office drinking water is no exception. Healthy and safe water quality, sweet and clear taste, not only to provide employees with high-quality drinking water services, improve employee satisfaction, but also represents the company's concern for employee health, reflecting the corporate culture of employee care. Gemei commercial water purification equipment can provide intimate drinking water solutions, water quality is guaranteed, service is attentive, it is worth choosing.

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