GM-RO400G-S Indoor Water vending machine

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Product Description


For small community, urban village and other densely populated areas or water pollution areas for indoor only.

Automatic water making and selling without manual work We support IC card payment,could accurate measurement of revenueThe water-filled automatic Power Off system can effectively protect the safety of the circuitInsulation materials are laid inside to ensure normal operation in server winterStorefront is not required,covering only one square meterHigh quality reverse osmosis membrane to insure water purification;Stainless steel water tank with 80LSpecial mobile APP can check the working statue of the water vending machine at any time GSM function for optionalSpecification

Product Size: 600*646*1500mm(Not including Universal wheel)

Filter Cartridge: 5μmPP+CTO+1μmPP+RO+T33+UV+Ozone

Surrounding temperature: 4-40degree

Package Size: 630*670*1700mm

Purified Water Flow: 400G/600G/800G

Purified water rate: 0.19L/min (400G)

Rated power: 220V-50Hz

Purified Water Tank: 80L

Work pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa

Rated power:228W (400G)

NW/GW: 103KG/114KG

Inlet pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa

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