PublishTime: 2019-05-08 16:49:40

Gemeihui is the new ultrafiltration water purifier GM-UF-105B, which is a membrane separation technology that purifies and separates the solution to purify or separate it.   


Ultrafiltration technology plays an increasingly important role in the fields of reverse osmosis pretreatment, drinking water treatment, and reuse of water. Ultrafiltration technology plays a key role in the sterilization and turbid removal of alcohol and beverages, the depyrogenation of pharmaceuticals, and the concentration of foods and pharmaceuticals.

GM-UF-105B multi-filter filter, only for healthy and good water

Five-fold filter purification layer checks, safe and secure

The first weight: polypropylene PP cotton

Polypropylene PP cotton, effectively intercepting sediment, rust and other particulate matter in water

Second weight: coconut shell sintered activated carbon

Sintered activated carbon is prepared by high-temperature firing of coconut shell as raw material, and its main function is to adsorb heterochromatic odor in water, etc., and the adsorption rate is high.

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