Outdoor water vending machine

Model:Manufacturer & supplier of Commercial water vending machine! According to the timely required information of water filter, we provide standardized Water ATM. $

Product Description


For small community, urban village and other densely populated areas or water pollution areas.

Automatic water making and selling without manual work We support IC card & Coin payment;The water-filled automatic Power Off system can effectively protect the safety of the circuit;Insulation materials are laid inside to ensure normal operation in server winter;Storefront is not required,covering only one square meter;Large capacity water storage can meet intensive drinking water demand;High quality reverse osmosis membrane to insure water purification;Water tank capacity of 100L;Special mobile APP can check the working statue of the water vending machine at any time GSM function for optional;


Product Size: 750*670*1720mm(Not including Universal wheel)

Filter Cartridge: 5μmPP+CTO+1μmPP+RO+T33+UV+Ozone

Package Size: 790*720*1830mm

Purified Water Flow: 400G/600G/800G/1200G/Customized

Purified Water Tank: 100L

NW/GW: 125KG/140KG

Inlet pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa

Surrounding temperature: 4-40degree

Rated power: 220V-50Hz

Purified water rate: 0.19L/min (400G)

Rated power: 228W (400G)   0.4-0.7MPa

QTY/ 20FCL/40FCL       21pcs /42pcs.

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